1. ALL NEW

From the recording ALL NEW

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ALL NEW, written and produced by Lawrence Welton. Additional keyboards, DerwinDavis. Background Arrangements by Victoria Evans. Lead Vocal, Victoria & Alexis Evans. Background Vocals by Tiffany & Talitha Evans. Management, Derek Evans. 517-703-3230. Ensightrecords.com


ALL NEW- Written by Lawrence Welton

Spoken Word-

Blessed be The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed
Us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ

Chorus 1-All

He made it-He made it all (repeat 2x) New.

Verse 1-

I’ve been forgiven by his blood- what he did for us he gave his Love
Now once again we’re Holy and without blame
We say thank you Jesus may God bless your name

(Repeat Chorus 1)

Verse 2-

I was a sinner forever lost but he died for me and paid my cost
For the wages of sin is to surely die but you stepped right on in
To be an Alibi.

Verse 3:

He would not come down from upon that Cross
Even though people said if your the son of God save yourself
But he had to do the will of Our Father to make it All New

Chorus 3- All

He made it All New for Me and You- He made it All New
He made it All New for Me and You- He made it All New

Spoken Word-

Repeat Verse 3

End: He made it All New for me and you-Jesus Christ saved my life. And now we have everlasting life-Jesus Christ saved my life. He made it All New!